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15 Not-So-Known Facts about the Indian Ocean

Covering the entire expanse of the area south of the Indian subcontinent, the Indian Ocean is a vast feature of the earth’s geographical blueprint. Read along to know 15 interesting facts about the Indian Ocean.

  1. Indian Ocean is the third-largest Ocean in the world
  2. Indian Ocean has critical maritime chokepoints, Gulfs and Bays
  3. It is a vital geographic entity
  4. Indian Ocean Covers 20% of the Earth’s Surface
  5.  Strategically positioned on the earth’s surface
  6. It is essential for World geopolitics
  7. The Highest Point is at the Sea Level Itself
  8. Limited Marine Life Due To High Water Temperatures
  9. Has Unique Chemical and Physical Properties
  10. Has Several Tectonic Plate Boundaries
  11. Has the Lowest Oxygen Content
  12. 12. 6000km of River Run
  13. Indian Ocean has the World’s Most Important Ports
  14. Oil Deposit that Accounts for 40% of World Production
  15. Has a Submerged Continent






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15 Not-So-Known Facts about the Indian Ocean