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A day trip to ‘Khao Hin Phap Pha’ 

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Khao Hin Phap Pha’ or Pancake Rock- another great geological wonder of the Thai south – is a layered rock cliff that tells the stories of the ancient time past. The place is located not too far from the shores of Khanom district north of Nakhon Si Thammarat. It is a part of Hat Khanom – Moo Koh Thale Tai National Park.

Khao Hin Phap Pha (Pancake Rock) is a big, steep cliff by the end of AoTaled. It has many layers of rock, different in details, looks like the pile of clothes extending as long lines into the sea. Surrounded by many shaded plants, this area is a famous viewpoint of Amphoe Khanom.

A day trip from Ban Laem Prathap pier is available year-round.

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A day trip to ‘Khao Hin Phap Pha’ –