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Djibouti : A country where brewing is the barycenter


Djiboutian culture draws its source from the ancestral nomadic origins of the different ethnic communities that compose it. This culture presents a wide range of folkloric repertoire including songs, poetry and varied dances where epic and lyrical styles embrace and embrace each other.The perpetuation of this traditional heritage is a witness that one generation passes to another, the influence of this nomadic universe of the collective imagination occurs from adolescence through an initiation to different rites and rituals.

Certainly, this culture, based essentially on the oral tradition that literary and linguists call “Oraliture”, has been able to persist despite the pangs of sedentarization and the modernization of a pastoral-nomadic people since the dawn of time. It is practiced both in the bush and in urban areas. The extent of the cultural repertoire is confirmed during various cultural and social events, namely during marriages, circumcisions, enthronement, etc.

More on : Un pays où le BRASSAGE est le BARYCENTRE Agence Nationale du Tourisme de Djibouti (


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Djibouti : A country where brewing is the barycenter