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Harnessing Sustainable Tourism to restore the Sri Lankan economy

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There’s no question that sustainable tourism can help revive a battered economy.  But what does that mean for communities on the ground? When tourism is managed sustainably, it can have a positive impact on the environment, social welfare, and economy of a destination.

It’s no secret that Sri Lanka has faced some major challenges in recent years. The civil war that ended in 2009 left the country deeply divided, the devastating tsunami of 2004 destroyed vast areas of the coastal landscape, and the present 2019 Sri Lankan economic crisis badly affected the tourist trade. In the years since the country has been working to rebuild—but it’s been an uphill battle. There is hope, though. In 2015, Sri Lanka was declared a “Sustainable Tourism Destination” by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), and tourism is now being touted as a key to restoring the economy


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Harnessing Sustainable Tourism to restore the Sri Lankan economy