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India : Hemis national Park Trek

Montagnes, Ladakh, Inde, Rocheux


Hemis National Park is one of the largest parks in South Asia with an area of 4400 km2. This park is home to many native species be it in terms of animals, birds and plants so much so that it is also known as the snow leopard capital of India.

Some of the other animal species found in this region are Asiatic ibex, wild Ladakhi sheep, Eurasian brown bear and Tibetan wolf to name a few. It is not left out in terms of the variety of birds that can be found here as well, some of the many birds that can be seen here are the golden eagle, fire-fronted canary and the lammergeier vulture. Along with fabulous animals and birds, this is one of the parks that have pastoral communities residing in premises rich in culture, heritage and tons of history. It is a fabulous experience to visit this park, with its incredible biodiversity, breathtaking views and a lesson in the passage of time.


Trip Overview

Be a part if this extraordinary opportunity to observe the elusive Snow Leopard along with other wildlife in the Hemis National Park. Located an hour away from Leh, Hemis National Park is the largest conservation area in India, covering 1,700 square miles, within the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau. This snow-covered area is the home to Snow Leopards. The pine forests, alpine meadows, scrublands, and alpine tundra make the area an ideal breeding location for the ‘ghosts of the mountains’.

Enjoy birdwatching from the Rumbak campsite and spot gigantic birds, including the Indian and Tibetan species. The other predators in this region include the Tibetan wolf, the Eurasian brown bear, and the red fox. Witness other exotic cattle in the area as well, such as – Great Tibetan Sheep, Blue Sheep, Ladakhi Urial, and domesticated yaks.


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Hemis National Park Trek