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Indian gastronomy


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Indian cuisine covers a wide variety of regional cuisines of India. They are influenced by the spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables found in each region of the country, but also by religion and history.


Top 5 emblematic dishes of Indian gourmet cuisine


is the most representative dish of Indian cuisine. Since its introduction to India in the 13th or 14th century, it has become a popular delicacy all over the world.

Samosas is triangular in shape and is made from a thin wheat dough covered with a filling made of vegetables or meat, peppers and spices, and then oiled before cooking.

There are several types of samosas. Their common point in Indian cuisine is that you will have to use the same spices for cooking them. 

Image illustrative de l’article Samoussa


Palak Paneer

This Indian vegetarian dish is based on soy cheese, very typical in India. Add it to spinach and green peppers. It is a very healthy dish and often eaten as a side dish. Its surprising green color may be disturbing, but it is delicious. It is a very healthy, low-fat treat that is easy to cook at home.

Image illustrative de l’article Palak paneer


Chicken Tikka Masala

You should cook the chicken in a curry and tomato based sauce until tender. The secret to tikka masala is to marinate the chicken in yogurt and spices for several hours. . It can be eaten with white rice or other types of starch. The sauce usually contains tomato, pure cream or coconut cream and several spices.

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Dhal is a classic of Indian cuisine. There is no doubt that the presence of turmeric, cumin and coriander confirms the origin of the Indian Dhal. It is made from lentils or beans and seasoned with curry. This classic and very aromatic dish made from red lentils fascinates the nostrils and the taste buds.

It is therefore a complete dish for vegetarien and can be eaten in a unique way. Dhal can be used as a soup, a main course or as a condiment for curry meat. Usually accompanied by rice, you can associate this emblematic dish of Indian cuisine with bread and you will obtain a typical Indian dish with a slightly smoky flavor.

Dahl de lentilles corail au lait de coco




or ladoo  is a delicacy or pastry from the Indian subcontinent, often prepared for festivals and celebrations (weddings, for example). These are balls of flour and other ingredients (varying by region), covered in sugar syrup.

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Indian gastronomy