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Indian Ocean: why is Reunion Island called Reunion?

Reunion is renowned for its inner beauty. We cite, for example, its many tourist sites, its friendly population, its pleasant dishes. But, for many in France, the story behind the name of this island territory is still unknown. When the first Portuguese settlers landed on this territory in 1500, this Island was uninhabited. It is then that it is called Santa Apolonia or (Saint-Apolon). This name is not insignificant, since, a little later today, almost all the cities of Reunion bear the name of (Saint-). In 1642, France took possession of the still uninhabited island. She renamed it this time “Bourbon Island” in homage to the royal dynasty. It was then renamed again during the French Revolution by the National Convention. This new name, adopted, pays homage “to the meeting of the confederates of Marseilles and the Parisian national guards, which preceded the insurrection of August 10, 1792”. It is now called Ile-de-La-Réunion. This is the name she has kept to this day. But, she will change her name twice in a row. First in 1806 for Île Bonaparte during the reign of King Napoleon Bonaparte. Then, in 1810 when it resumed the name of Île Bourbon after the British invasion. This name remains in history for a very long time before definitively changing on March 07, 1848 for Reunion Island.

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Indian Ocean: why is Reunion Island called Reunion?