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Educational projects in Madagascar


Through his  association “Ecoles du Monde”, Charles Gassot organized international meetings on May 5 and 6 in Besely, in the west of Madagascar island, to present his “campus de brousse “.

A new agricultural high school designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte

26 years ago, while filming on the island, Gassot became aware of the humanitarian emergency. Since then, he has built 14 primary schools providing education for 40,000 children. And it is moving up a gear with the construction of a “bush campus” in Besely, a village 40 kilometers from the city of Majunga, in the west of the country. His association built a primary school there but also a college, up to the 3rd, after having noticed that the pupils of the schools he had built were no longer in school. And he has just laid the first stone of an agricultural technical high school – designed by the famous architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, mobilized on the project – during the “Rencontres internationales de Besely”, on May 5 and 6, where he brought together beautiful people: François Hollande’s former Minister for Real Equality and Overseas Territories, Erika Bareigts, Mayor of Saint-Denis de la Réunion, representatives of the regions of Réunion and Bourgogne Franche Comté, the director of the French Development Agency in Madagascar, telecom operators in the Indian Ocean (Telma, Trimeta), NGOs, its sponsors (EDF Foundation and ADP) as well as local authorities, the governor of the region.




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Educational projects in Madagascar