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Kenya : Hells Gate National Park

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Hell’s Gate National Park, “the Gates of Hell” in French, has a very menacing name. But under this name worthy of a horror film hides paradise. This park in Kenya is home to beautifully preserved nature and a very rich wildlife. You will have the opportunity to go on hikes and safaris on foot and by bike. Adventurers and sports enthusiasts, it’s a crush that awaits you.

Hell’s Gate National Park, , lies south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya and 90 km northwest of Nairobi . Its name comes from a narrow fracture in the cliffs, which was once the tributary of a prehistoric lake that fed people in the Great Rift Valley . Small in size , it sits 1,524 meters above sea level. With a hot and dry climate, the park is known for its variety of wildlife and for its landscapes. The two volcanoes Olkaria and Hobley’s (now extinct) are part of it, as well as certain obsidian formations from the cooled molten rock.

Ashes from the eruption of Mount Longonot in the early 20th century can still be found around Hell’s Gate National Park. Inside the park is also the “Hell’s Gate Gorge”, bordered by red cliffs, which contains two volcanic mouths: the “Fischer’s Tower” and the “Central Tower”. There is a smaller gorge, which starts from the Central Tower to the south, and along which a path descends to hot springs.

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At Hell’s Gate you will therefore have the unique opportunity to dive into a natural hot spring. And believe us, there is nothing better than a swim to relax the muscles after a long hike or a bike safari. We told you that Hell’s Gate was a little paradise!

Lake Naivasha is reputed to be the lake of the hippos. Open your eyes! Lake Nakuru is part of a wildlife sanctuary. Rhinos and giraffes will come to greet you. On the lake, thousands of pink flamingos give the landscape a pretty pink color. If you are passionate about birds, these are must-see observation sites. There are more than 300 species of birds here. By leaving with our travel agency Twalo, we can add this stage to your itinerary in Kenya. For a quote request


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Kenya : Hells Gate National Park