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Tasman national park

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Tasman National Park is for the adventurous. Hang gliding launches over Pirates Bay and lands safely on a designated beach on the Bay. It is the most exhilarating way to catch some of the jaw-dropping coastal views that the park has to offer.

Rock Climbing, Tasmania, Australia

Rockclimbing and abseiling are popular activities within the park. Towering sea stacks can be found north of Fortescue Bay. Two sea stacks at Cape Hauy, the Candlestick and the Totem Pole, as well as the cliffs that Mount Brown are also popular climbing destinations. It should be noted that only existing tracks can be used and no bolting is permitted.

Walking tracks are carved throughout the park. They range from pleasant and leisurely strolls down to challenging multi-day walks over rugged terrain. The most challenging walk in the park is the Three Capes Track which is 46 kilometers long and takes 3 nights to complete.



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Tasman national park