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The fall of Kahatola in Indonesia

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This fantastic waterfall is located on the island of Kahatola located about 3 hours by boat from the port of Jailolo, on the island of Halmahera, in Indonesia.

The water is very clear greenish and feels cold, very refreshing when it is splashed. The panorama of this waterfall really amazes tourists who come here. Surrounded by high and steep rock cliffs, rushing water appears on one of the high cliffs.

Uniquely, this Kahatola Waterfall does not come from a river flow, but from the overflow of water that collects in a basin, which comes from groundwater seepage collected from rainwater, dew drops that seep into the soil and humus. This waterfall also always flows throughout the year and knows no season.

By the residents of Loloda, Kahatola Waterfall is also known as Bridal Waterfall. The fall of the water whose water flows through the rocks and immediately crashes into the sea, making a beautiful and stunning sight. Travelers will be amazed to enjoy this beautiful panorama.




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The fall of Kahatola in Indonesia