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3000-year-old qanat to emerge as Iran’s newest tourist appeal



This ambitious initiative is poised to not only revive a historical treasure but also fortify the local economy, according to Zarch’s governor Morteza Zibaian.

Highlighting the far-reaching benefits of resurrecting the 3000-year-old Qanat-e Zarch, the governor underscored its potential to significantly bolster the local economy while concurrently amplifying tourism opportunities.

In a decisive step towards this goal, Zibaian announced the formation of the Qanat Council working group, comprising a consortium of experts and stakeholders devolved to preserving this ancient water system’s significance.

Revered as one of the most remarkable man-made aqueducts globally, the Qanat of Zarch spans an impressive 80 kilometers across the semi-arid landscapes of Yazd province in central Iran.

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3000-year-old qanat to emerge as Iran’s newest tourist appeal