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A sumptuous marine reserve in the Maldives : Hanifaru




On the map of Hanifaru Bay, we can observe that the lagoon reef has an oblong bowl shape. The lagoon is 1300 meters long and has approximately 600 meters of narrowest water. This is where the plankton concentrates the most, where the manta rays swim to relax. This “party” is a fantastic spectacle.

Manta rays absolutely do not pay attention to people, move close to the surface, open their mouths wide and collect water with food. The gills of these rays return the already purified water. Such “natural filters” can be assembled in a company of several dozen individuals. They move in a circle one after the other, creating a water funnel that sucks in the plankton. During such a lunch in Hanifaru Bay, you can observe up to 200 rays and several reef sharks. There are also whale sharks in the bay that choose this place to mate.

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A sumptuous marine reserve in the Maldives : Hanifaru