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Arts of the Maldives



The culture of the Maldives is derived from a number of sources, the most important of which is its proximity to the shores of Sri Lanka and South India. The population is mainly Indo-Aryan from the anthropological point of view. Islam is considered the religion of the country and only Muslims can become legal citizens.

The Maldives has a long and rich heritage of arts and crafts and the country is home to some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. Ancient traditions have been passed from generation to generation and the arts and crafts made today are a testament to these age-old skills. Arts and crafts of the Maldives are created using mostly raw materials that are easily available such as palm leaves, reeds, coral, wood, shells, stones, coir, natural oils, and paints, and traditional Maldivian crafts include liyelaa jehun (lacquer work), mat weaving, boat building, coir-rope making, and fangi vinun (thatch-weaving).

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Arts of the Maldives