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Australian via the Explorers way


Get ready for an extraordinary journey through the heart of the Australian Outback along the Explorers Way.




Imagine a road that cuts into two equal parts a country 14 times larger than France. 3200 kilometres, that’s what the odometer of our brave travelers who have traveled the Explorers Way shows.

Adelaide to the south, Darwin to the north. Those who aren’t ready to bite the dust or just don’t have a full month ahead of them leave their vehicles in Alice Springs to continue aboard the legendary The Ghan train.

An ideal option to be amazed without having to worry about driving fatigue. The mythical route of Australia that explorers, gold diggers and ranchers were the first to take offers a good overview of the geographical diversity of the country. From the arid and rugged setting of the Flinders Ranges to the tropical atmosphere of the Top End national parks, passing through the Red Center and its fascinating monoliths, nature alternates between grandiose shows and charming acts. The moment of returning the keys for some and getting off the train for others is often a little heartbreaking.




Our Experts in Australia

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Australian via the Explorers way