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Come to Bangladesh before the tourists!



Continually hit by natural disasters, Bangladesh almost has the image of a cursed country. It is true that recurring floods and famines hit hard the population of Bangladesh, which is among the poorest in the world. But despite an unstable political climate and some areas of insecurity to avoid (southwest of the country), Bangladesh is a pleasant country with a rich past and varied landscapes. Adventurers will certainly be won over by this country still neglected by mass tourism and where the population warmly welcomes foreign visitors. Bangladesh is a country in South Asia, located north of the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian subcontinent. A rich past and a strong culture make it a very pleasant country to visit, with a wide variety of landscapes and heritage. Bangladesh has archaeological sites dating back 2,000 years, as well as historic residences that belonged to 19th century Maharajas. In terms of natural resources, its immense beaches will take you away and you will be able to see the largest Mangrove in the world…So more of hesitation, made like the slogan of the country’s tourist office: “Come to Bangladesh before the tourists!” »

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Come to Bangladesh before the tourists!