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The Seychellois Culture


Moutia is a traditional dance in Seychelles. It was created by locals and takes place around a beach bonfire made out of coconut leaves. As the drums played the male members of the troop call out various ‘themes’ to which the female dancers respond to. Moutia accompanies by the improvised songs.

Do groove to the African rhythm in the Seychellois way: Moutia which is a traditional dance of Seychelles. With deep roots in the history of African slavery, Moutia is the centre of attraction in all the celebrations and festivities of Seychelles. Moutia is basically swaying your hips to and fro to the beats of African music in a light-hearted fashion.

Another traditional yet exotic dance style in Seychelles is the Sega dance. Women dressed in skirts with a wide frill swing their waists in the most mesmerising way and you cannot help but join them. To top it all, Kanmtole is a ballet-inspired from the European culture. You would not definitely want to miss any of these rare and unique dance forms especially if you are a party freak!

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The Seychellois Culture