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Discovering the Iles Eparses, island dust in the Indian Ocean


Do you know the Glorieuses, Juan de Nova, Europa, Bassas da India or Tromelin Island? These tiny islands located in the Indian Ocean form the whole of the Iles Eparses. They house meteorologists, birds and sea turtles, while ensuring a French presence in this part of the world.

In the Indian Ocean, more precisely in the Mozambique Channel between 10° and 25° south latitude, are the Scattered Islands. Along with the Glorieuses archipelago, Juan de Nova Island, Europa, Bassas da India, and Tromelin Island in the north of Reunion, they have been part of the Southern and French Lands (TAAF) since 2007.

These isolated coral islands, which are not home to an indigenous population, are veritable sentinels of the climate in the Indian Ocean. From the 1950s, France set up meteorological stations there, and teams of scientists stayed there permanently. These islands, located where Indian Ocean cyclones form or pass, make it possible to establish forecasts and protect against these phenomena throughout the region. These territories, which became nature reserves by decree in 1975, are home to a rich biodiversity. Populated by seabirds and above all a nesting site for sea turtles, many plant and animal species are also listed there.

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discovering the Iles Eparses, island dust in the Indian Ocean