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Experiences to become a real Australian


The best way to discover Australia is to do what Australians do

Australians are renowned for their big smiles and laid-back attitude, which is hardly surprising given their living environment and all it has to offer. Discover the Australian way of life with these 10 typical Australian experiences, whether it’s ordering a latte, watching an Australian Rules Football match or greeting your friends with a cheers on a Sunday afternoon. Get ready to become a true Australian.

  • Take Aussie brunches
  • Explore the beautiful coastline
  • Visit a pub in the hinterland
  • Spend Christmas on the beach
  • Watch an AFL match
  • Taste the local ingredients 
  • Enjoy a drink on sunday
  • Explore the hiking trails
  • Celebrate new year’s eve in Sydney
  • Play cricket on the beach




Our Experts in Australia

Whether they are certified guides, approved local agencies, all are chosen by TOURISMER for their expertise in responsible tourism.



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Experiences to become a real Australian