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During your trip, you will find many typical dishes to eat in Oman, since its gastronomy is very tasty and varied. Spices feature heavily in Omani cuisine, along with chicken, lamb, rice, and vegetables. The gastronomic diversity of Oman makes it difficult to classify their typical dishes in a few lines. However, we are going to introduce you to the must-try dishes to eat in Oman if you are visiting the country.


This typical dish from Oman is also traditional in many Arab countries. In fact, he is from Yemen. The dish consists of spicy basmati rice, served with chicken and vegetables. The chicken can also be replaced with another type of meat, such as lamb. What matters in this dish are the spices, as there are black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg, lime and bay leaf. This mixture of spices gives a unique taste to the dish, it is also served with homemade tomato sauce, pine nuts, dates and almonds. It is accompanied by traditional Omani bread, salad and sometimes yogurt. An excellent dish that you will undoubtedly want to try on your trip.



It is another of the typical dishes to eat in Oman, where spices are essential. This time it is grilled meat, but the difference is that this meat is marinated with spices for one or two days. Once marinated, the meat is wrapped in palm leaves and placed in an oven dug into the sand. The result is incredibly tasty meat.

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Gastronomy Oman