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Indian Ocean seabirds need increased protection



While seabirds are increasingly threatened by anthropogenic activities, a recent study suggests that populations in the Indian Ocean may be particularly vulnerable. The team of researchers behind this observation is calling for international mobilization, which they consider crucial.

The western Indian Ocean alone is home to around thirty species of seabirds, for a total of eight million pairs. But these populations would be more vulnerable than across all the other oceans on the planet, reveals a study recently carried out by the universities of Exeter, Heriot-Watt and La Réunion, and the Zoological Society of London1. The reason: the absence of hotspots where predators, including seabirds, come to feed in quantity.

More on : Les oiseaux marins de l’océan Indien ont besoin d’une protection accrue – Gecko (


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Indian Ocean seabirds need increased protection