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India’s Golden Triangle Tourism Circuit and Heat Wave


India’s Golden Triangle tourism circuit is facing a massive heatwave with record temperatures. If you’re planning a trip, brace yourself for extreme conditions.

Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra, forming India’s Golden Triangle, are currently experiencing a massive heatwave alongside their iconic tourist spots. In Delhi, where temperatures have reached an unprecedented 52.3 degrees Celsius, visitors can explore the historic Red Fort, marvel at the India Gate, and visit the impressive Qutub Minar. Jaipur, with its soaring temperatures of 51 degrees Celsius, offers the architectural wonder of Hawa Mahal, the majestic Amber Fort, and the beautifully designed City Palace. Agra, reaching temperatures of 46 degrees Celsius, is world-renowned for the stunning Taj Mahal, the historical Agra Fort, and the ancient city of Fatehpur Sikri. Despite the scorching heat, these cities continue to attract tourists with their rich history and cultural heritage.

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India’s Golden Triangle Tourism Circuit and Heatwave