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Indonesia : Sumba proud and fiery


Sumba has long been isolated due to its location off the sea routes, but it will never cease to amaze you with its picturesque landscapes, its welcoming inhabitants and its ancestral traditions. Nestled in the southeastern part of the large Indonesian archipelago, this beautiful island is home to tribal villages built on hills and fortified by historic stone walls. If Skull Island from the movie “King Kong” was fiction, then Sumba could definitely compete with it, but this time it’s reality. Indeed, the charm of Sumba also lies in its invisible parts, where the spirits of ancestors float.

Of diverse ethnic origins, the new arrivals brought with them their animism and horses. The exact origins of Sumba horses are debated. They descend from a mixture between Tarpan-type horses from the Asian continent, and Mongolian horses from Kublai Khan’s cavalry, imported at the end of the 13th century as part of a punitive expedition against the island of Java

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Indonesia : Sumba proud and fiery