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Kanga Clothing : decode the secret language



The colorful kanga has a long, rich history in East Africa. These vibrant cotton cloths originated on the Swahili coast of Kenya and Tanzania, believed to have first appeared in the mid-19th century. Initially, kanga was imported from India and featured basic designs, but local women began making their own stencils and dyes to create unique patterns. This entrepreneurial spirit lives on today, with kanga producers continually creating new, fashionable prints to keep up with the latest styles and cultural references.

Beyond their esthetic appeal, kanga is a means of communication between women. The Swahili proverbs and sayings printed on them often convey messages that would be considered rude or improper if spoken aloud. For example, a kanga might slyly indicate a woman’s romantic interest in a man, or warn another woman to stay away from her partner!

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Kanga Clothing : decode the secret language