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Kenya LegendKenya : Kit Mikayi in Kisumu




Kit Mikayi means “stone of the first wife” in the Luo language. It is a 40 m high rock stack located in Kisumu County next to the village of Kombewa not far from road No. C27 linking Bondo to Kisumu and about 29 km from the latter. This agglomerate is one of the “crying” rocks listed in the region. Regardless of the aridity of the season, water constantly flows from the base of the complex. The Kit Mikayi chaos is the first of four klippes forming part of a thrust sheet originating from the northern step of the Kavirondo rift (the klippe farthest from the step is Ndere Island). According to legend, for the Luo, it represents the first wife (named Ojuka), statuette in tears when her husband (named Onyango) decided to “take” a second wife (named Achupa) then a third (named Ogal).

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Kenya LegendKenya : Kit Mikayi in Kisumu