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Madagascar: Humpback whales near the island of Sakatia


The humpback whale, a baleen cetacean species, typically measures around 14 meters in length and weighs an average of 30 tonnes. Known for its impressive breaching behavior, this species boasts large pectoral fins distinguishing it from other cetaceans, alongside its intricate and melodious song. Found in oceans and seas worldwide, the humpback whale is a remarkable marine creature.

Situated a few kilometers from Nosy Be, the captivating island of Nosy Sakatia spans 6km in length and 2km in width. Renowned for its abundance of beaches, picturesque walking trails, vibrant orchids, and exceptional diving and snorkeling spots, Nosy Sakatia stands out as a must-visit destination.

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Madagascar: Humpback whales near the island of Sakatia