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Mozambique (and others lands) : Bawoa game




The Awalé game is one of the oldest strategy games. Depending on the country it has different names: Awélé, Ajwa, Lela, Chisolo, Kalak, Owaré, Coo, Coro Bawo, Nocholokoto, Dara, Congkak, Mancala, Omweeso, Adita-ta, Kasonko, Layo, Gilberta, Schach, Wari, Wallé … We find traces of a game in Ancient Egypt, called senet. It is a multi-row course game which resembles Awalé, but which is not its ancestor. The true origin of the game would be around the 5th-6th century AD. The oldest known Awalé game is an Ethiopian mancala from the 7th century. The games of Awalé are sometimes veritable works of art or, on the contrary, simple holes dug in the earth.




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Mozambique (and others lands) : Bawoa game