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Pakistan : Badshahi Mosque,minarets and lights



The mosque and its vast courtyard are raised upon a platform which is approached from the east by a handsome flight of 22 steps an upstanding gateway of traditional Moghal type. The entrance which is a double storey edifice is elaborately decorated with framed and carved panelling on all its facades. At the four corners there are square minarets surmounted by pseudo-pavilions of red sandstone with white marble cupolas. At the four corners of the courtyard are the tall octogonal minars (towers). Four smaller minarets, also octogonal, are attached to the corners of the prayer chamber. Above them rise three grand bulbous marble domes. The red sandstone of the building is decorated externally with unobtrusive lines and patterns in white marble inlay.

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Pakistan : Badshahi Mosque,minarets and lights