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Rediscovering Mozambique : Gorongosa mountain



Protected since 1921, Gorongosa is an Eden of grassland, miombo forest, flood plains and waterways. Yellow forests of fever trees stand next to spiked illala and towering borassa palms; Rousseau-esque tangles of greenery twine next to boundless golden savannah. In the outer reaches of the park granite outcrops rise majestically out of the bush; a spectacular limestone gorge marks the southern end of the Great Rift Valley and Mount Gorongosa dominates the horizon.

Mount Gorongosa is an inselberg in Sofala Province of central Mozambique. Its highest peak, Gogogo, reaches an elevation of 1,863 meters. It was created by Karoo Volcanism. The upper zone of the mountain was made part of Gorongosa National Park by the Mozambican government in 2010.

The cooler, wetter climate of the mountain sustains several communities of plants and animals, distinct from the surrounding lowlands. The mountain is home to montane and submontane grasslands, moist evergreen forests, dry montane forests, miombo woodlands, and ericaceous heathlands.

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Rediscovering Mozambique : Gorongosa mountain