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Reflexive tourism ,path towards the fourth tourism revolution


Reflective tourism encourages tourists to engage in a process of self-discovery, intercultural understanding and personal development. This can be done by adopting an open-minded attitude, establishing authentic exchanges with local inhabitants, respecting local traditions and culture, and contributing to the sustainable development of the destinations visited. Reflective travelers challenge stereotypes and prejudices, and seek to understand the socio-economic and environmental issues linked to tourism.

They can choose ecological accommodation, support local initiatives, promote fair trade and minimize their environmental footprint. By adopting a reflective approach, travelers can enrich their travel experience while contributing positively to local communities and the preservation of natural resources.”

A citizen initiative of sorts, whether we are traveling or at home, a look at the World and the Other, to quote Henry Miller, “our destination is never a place, but a new way of see the world”.

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Reflexive tourism ,path towards the fourth tourism revolution