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Reunion Island: Piton des Neiges, highest point in the Indian Ocean


The Piton des Neiges massif, of which it is the summit, alone represents three-fifths of the surface of the island of Reunion with approximately 50 kilometers in diameter. Born under the surface of the ocean around 5 million years ago, it rose above the surface of the water 2 million years later to form the beginnings of the island we know today, that of The meeting. This volcanic massif experienced a strong period of activity tens of thousands of years ago, but unlike its counterpart the Piton de La Fournaise, it has not been active for nearly 12,000 years.

To reach the highest point of this massif, you will necessarily have to use your sense of walking and choose from these 2 official hiking routes.

1, The climb to Piton des Neiges from the Bloc à Cilaos Duration: 8h30 return Distance: 15.5 km Elevation gain: 1730 meters

2,The climb to the summit of Piton des Neiges from Hell-Bourg Duration: 7 hours one way Distance: 18 km Elevation gain: 2350 meters Despite the fact that this route is much longer in terms of distance and time, it nevertheless has the advantage of being able to spread the positive altitude difference over many more kilometers.

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Reunion Island: Piton des Neiges, highest point in the Indian Ocean