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Ship models in Mauritius


Ship models are the jewel of craftsmanship in Mauritius. Since 1970, workshops have specialized in the manufacture and sale of these works. Mauritius has even become number 1 in the manufacture and export of scale model boats. Made of teak or camphor, the largest require up to 400 hours of work and are made up of thousands of assembled elements. They can cost up to 4000 euros! We can nevertheless find the first models at less than 100 euros. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, find out very precisely about the price of the taxes to be paid and the amount of the shipping costs. Also note that airlines take a surcharge on scale models depending on volume and weight. An invoice and a purchase certificate in order, recognized by the countries of the European Union, will avoid you paying customs duties on arrival. One of the most famous ship model factories is Historic Marine

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Ship models in Mauritius