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Some of the natural wonders of Qatar


The magic of Qatar’s golden deserts : Just an hour from Doha, you will set foot in a different world. The desert in southeastern Qatar is an epic wilderness, where you might still spot a Bedouin camp, camels grazing in the distance, and rolling dunes as far as the eye can see.

The Khor Al Adaid desert In the south of the country, this nature reserve, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, follows an arm of the Arab-Persian Gulf which penetrates inland to form an inland sea. You can only get there by crossing the dunes with an all-terrain vehicle. In fact, there is no road access to reach the reserve.

Al Wakrah fishing village A half hour drive south of Doha, the town of Al Wakrah is often forgotten by travelers. This fishing village is a lovely getaway to discover the traditional Qatari houses which contrast with the gigantism of the capital’s towers. You can stroll along the large white sand beach and stroll through the shops and lively streets. You can also stroll through the old souk along the shore, or visit the city’s old fort.


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Some of the natural wonders of Qatar