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South of the Indian Ocean: the Kerguelen Islands


They are more than 3,245 km away from Madagascar, the nearest land with permanent habitat. The main island, Grande Terre, which represents more than 90% of the surface, is the third largest French island (after Grande Terre of New Caledonia and Corsica). It is also the largest of all the sub-Antarctic islands (ahead of East Falkland).

These islands, of volcanic origin, with mountainous relief, peak at 1,850 m, at Mount Ross. The coasts, very jagged, are cut with deep fjords. The interior is dotted with numerous lakes and ponds. The western region is topped by the Cook Ice Cap which extends over 400 km2. Until the beginning of the 20th century, seal and whale hunters frequented the archipelago and exploited its wildlife. Animal populations have now recovered and the coasts are once again home to numerous breeding colonies of birds and marine mammals.

Nevertheless, ecosystems must undergo the development of species introduced voluntarily or involuntarily by humans. The islands and territorial waters are essentially classified as nature reserves. The exclusive economic zone is one of the toothfish fishing zones.






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South of the Indian Ocean: the Kerguelen Islands