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Sri Lanka :Best hike for adventurers in the Knuckles  Mountain


The name “Knuckles” comes from the outline of these craggy peaks, which look like clenched fists from a distance. Most people come to Kandy for a two-day camping trip, exploring the small villages and rice terraces at the base of the foothills before climbing the mountains. Agencies typically travel the park from east to west, staying overnight in safari tents and taking detours to waterfalls and caves. Bring a book about bird s: you’re almost guaranteed to encounter many of the 128 bird species that inhabit the park up close.

Picture yourself immersed in majestic mountains reaching up to 2000m. The landscape is dotted with huge cascading waterfalls. You pass through tiny villages and spend the night wild camping in a real wilderness. You’ll likely see buffalos and if you’re lucky, you could even spot boars, toque macaque monkeys and purple-faced monkeys. If you’re extremely lucky, you could see elephants and leopards in the jungle too. Though the chances you’ll bump into them trekking along the trails with their backpacks aren’t so high.

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Sri Lanka :Best hike for adventurers in the Knuckles Mountain