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Sri  Lanka: Poson Festival 2024 June 21



Poson Festival marks the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by a Buddhist monk called Arahat Mahinda in 236 B.C. One of the central points of the event is a Buddhist monastery on the mountain Mihintale, where Mahinda converted the King of Sri Lanka. His conversion to Buddhism led to the construction of many Buddhist sites and learning centers around the capital. It helped form an official connection between Buddhism and Sri Lanka. The relationship contributed to the spread of Buddhism on the island but resulted in ethnic tensions and hostilities, which developed into a major civil war in 1983. The conflict lasted for over 20 years, resulting in many casualties on both sides.

Sri Lanka is said to maintain the oldest Buddhist civilization. This religion, however, has had moments of descent, one being the time Sri Lanka was a British Colony. Heightened Christian missionary activities and British rule diminished the prominence and influence of Buddhist monks and conventional learning centers. Faithful restorationists fought to restore Buddhism’s place on the island and expel the British.

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SRI LANKA : Poson Festival 2024 June 21