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Talented Malaysia-Born Chefs in The Gastronomic World



Malaysia is home to a number of several chefs — originally born and bred here — who are elevating local cuisine with their restaurant ventures and cookbooks. Influenced by the blend of cultures and rich use of spices and ingredients in Malaysia, many of these talented chefs have taken their skills a step further by highlighting our local flavours and dishes abroad.

Putting Malaysia on the map, these cooks and chefs are introducing heritage recipes, authentic Malaysian flavours, and classic nostalgic dishes such as nasi lemak, roti canai, dosa, laksa, and mee goreng to the global level. What makes Malaysian food so unique and delicious are the complexity and depth of flavours and ingredients involved, the variety of spices, and the cultural richness of each dish.

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Talented Malaysia-Born Chefs in The Gastronomic World