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The treasure of the Comoros : Mohéli and its biodiversity


Mohéli is the smallest but most beautiful island in the Comoros archipelago. When people talk about wanting to disappear from the face of the earth, that’s where they are. There are very few inhabitants on the island, which is why it is largely undeveloped and completely wild. So much so that it’s a bit retrograde, a bit stuck in the past.

Here you will find the only national park in the country: the Mohéli Marine Park. Nature lovers will want to explore the rugged islets scattered around the island. Mwali or Moili as the locals call it is a great place to spot marine life like turtles, whales and dolphins. There is so much pristine beauty here that visitors generally don’t mind the lack of modern amenities.

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The treasure of the Comoros : Mohéli and its biodiversity