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Travel to Tasmania : Freycinet National Park


Often compared to New Zealand, Tasmania is the island within the island. It is a very different state from other Australian states in many ways. Tasmania is a destination in its own right that deserves to be visited. If the climate is not always good, the beauty of its landscapes and the kindness of the Tasmans will comfort you in the face of the rain.

Located on the eastern coast of Tasmania, Freycinet National Park is a place of rugged beauty. Tall pink mountains, known as the Hazards, cast their shadow over the landscape and below them the calm blue waters of Wineglass Bay. Coastal forests attract hikers, while foodies delight in local fish and seafood and cool-climate wines. Treat yourself to a stay in one of Australia’s finest luxury lodges, or rent a private island.

Find out what’s beyond the Wineglass Bay Lookout on this extended 11km circuit. It gives you a fuller and more challenging taste of beautiful Freycinet National Park.

After descending from the lookout to Wineglass Bay, take your time, enjoy a picnic, walk on the beach and paddle in the crystal-clear waters. Then cross the wide isthmus to the long sandy stretch of Hazards Beach.

Walk along Hazards Beach and you’ll reach the halfway point of this circuit. From here, the walk rises inland through She-oak forests and gives glimpses across Great Oyster Bay.  

As the track continues rounds Mount Mayson, it passes through coastal woodland occasionally dropping into seasonal creeks.  The circuit is 11km and this section can feel longer than it should. Eventually you’ll return via this rocky coast to the car park.​

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Wineglass Bay from Mount Amos

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Travel to Tasmania : Freycinet National Park