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Kenya : Trekking and hiking Elephant Hill in the Aberdare ranges


On a Kenya safari trekking and hiking the Elephant hills in the Aberdare ranges is the incredible way to explore to sight the beautiful landscape of Aberdare ranges. On a Kenya wildlife safari when you hike the elephant hill is the best way how you can be ready to prepare for the big mountains like Mont Kenya and Kilimanjaro.

Hiking the Elephant Hill though it’s a bit changeling but it’s the best way to enjoy the best hiking safari in the Aberdare ranges. The Elephant hill is located about 90 km from Nairobi city. The hill has got the starting point that is similar to the ending point which is Njabini Forest Gate which takes the trekkers 7 hours, the hike to the hill needs the tourists when they are physically fit to enjoy the safari activity.

Aberdare National Park can be visited during the dry season or the peak season as this is the best time to visit the park in the months of January and February and from June to September. This is the best times to visit with the most rewarding game viewing.

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Trekking and hiking Elephant Hill in the Aberdare ranges