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Wesak day in Malaysia on 22 May 2024



Wesak is a public holiday in Malaysia traditionally celebrated by Buddhists and can be observed in temples. It is also named as Vesak (name of a month in Indian calendar). It also known as Buddha Day as it celebrates Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death.

Wesak Day marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. This year, Wesak Day falls on 22 May 2024 and activities will be held in Buddhist temples all over the country such as at Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple in Brickfields.

Buddhists in Malaysia celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death on Wesak Day. It is sometimes referred to as Buddha’s Birthday, Buddha Day or Buddha Purnima. Wesak Day is celebrated on the Sunday that is closest to May’s full moon.

This holiday is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar as it commemorates three significant events in Gautama Buddha’s life – namely his birthday, his enlightenment and his passing away.

The observance of Wesak begins at dawn when Buddhists gather in temples. They meditate on the precepts of Buddhism. Those who follow these precepts should honour life, show generosity, embrace celibacy and use speech wisely. They should also refrain from alcohol and only eat at certain times. The precepts also forbid listening to music, adorning one’s body and sleeping too much.

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Wesak day in Malaysia on 22 May 2024