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Zanzibar: Pemba a wonderful and romantic island



Many people know the island of Zanzibar, at least by name, but who has ever heard of Pemba? Pemba is particularly popular among honeymooners due to the tranquility and romantic atmosphere there. You can, for example, take long walks alone on the beach without meeting anyone. But that’s just one of the many reasons why newlyweds often choose Pemba… Pemba Island is also called the Green Island. This name comes from the very fertile soil of the island, resulting in beautiful dense and green nature. It is an island approximately 80 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide and visiting it is often combined with a holiday to Zanzibar or an extension to Mafia Island. It is also a hillier island than Zanzibar and the soil is much more fertile. On Pemba Island, people grow all kinds of crops such as: rice, cloves, coconut, banana, cassava and beans. In short: Pemba is a superb island to end your trip to Tanzania!


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Zanzibar: Pemba a wonderful and romantic island