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Djibouti, a real natural aquarium



Djibouti, nestled at the crossroads of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, reveals itself as an underwater paradise with unparalleled treasures. By diving in this marine sanctuary, explorers discover an extraordinary underwater world with colorful coral reefs, diverse and well-preserved marine life.

The shimmering coral reefs, with their vibrant colors, offer an intoxicating spectacle to divers. These coral formations are home to a multitude of sea creatures, from tropical fish to majestic turtles, creating a thriving underwater ecosystem. Divers are invited to explore the underwater treasures of the Red Sea, with a unique opportunity to encounter its gentle giants of the seas. Marine mammals, peaceful yet massive colossi, add a touch of grandeur to each dive. This adventure goes beyond a simple dive, it is also a call to raise awareness of the need to protect these fragile marine ecosystems and reinforces the urgent need to preserve them for future generations.


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Djibouti, a real natural aquarium