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Omani music and Muscal festival : A cultural crossroad


Omani music is located at a cultural crossroads between Arabia, East Africa, Persia, Baluchistan and Portugal… This small desert and mountainous country, with long coastlines, is home to a rich variety of music ; 130 styles have been listed. Rhythm plays a major role with measures of up to 108 beats. Music enjoys unparalleled popularity in Oman and the entire population actively participates in it. We also find characteristics similar to those of Yemeni music.

The Muscat festival brought, during the last month, more than 2 million spectators , celebrating Omani culture, art and heritage. For a month, different places in the capital host open-air festivities: international concerts, sports competitions on the beach, conferences on various themes, theater and many other equally varied attractions.

This year at the Muscat International Film Festival: the jury prize awarded to “Looking for my mother” by Anis Lassoued



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Omani music : A cultural crossroad