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On the borders of the Indian Ocean:Tourism in Timor Leste



Although tourism in East Timor is still reserved for backpackers due to the lack of infrastructure, the natural resources constitute the country’s main tourist asset: remarkable mountains, lagoons, corals, white sand beaches and transparent waters perfect for diving, await travelers.

Timor-East is located northwest of Australia and at the eastern end of the Indonesian archipelago, comprising the eastern half of the island of Timor, the Oecussi region in the northwest of the island of Timor and the small island of Jaco. It is in this little corner of the world that we invite you to go on an adventure. As you stroll through traditional villages, along small roads and winding, sometimes steep paths, you will discover some of the country’s most iconic places. Highlights of this trip include hiking inland, where you will particularly enjoy the sunrise over Mount Lamelau, meeting Timorese fishermen during the boat ride, discovering traditional culture and habits and customs of the Timorese people.

View of the beach around Fatucama Cristo Rei Dili, Timor Leste

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On the borders of the Indian Ocean:Tourism in Timor Leste