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South Africa : Culinary specialty, the “Potjiekos”




In South Africa, Potjiekos, literally “little pot of food”, is a stew prepared outdoors. It is traditionally cooked in a three-legged cast iron pot, the potjie, imported by the Dutch in the 17th century and used throughout the country. The pot is simmered over a fire of wood or charcoal, or dried dung.

Traditionally, the recipe includes meat, vegetables, such as carrots, cabbage, cauliflower or pumpkin, rice or potatoes. They are cooked with Malay spices. The Voortrekkers used wild game, guinea fowl, warthog, rabbits and hares. We put a little oil in the pot which we place on a fire. The meat is added first, lamb or pork. The meat is spiced and alcohol is added for flavor – especially beer, sherry or sweet wine1. When the meat is lightly browned, the vegetables are added. The lid is replaced and the contents brought to a slow simmer.


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South Africa : Culinary specialty, the “Potjiekos”