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The Comoros : a little corner of paradise


These islands of the Mozambique Channel make you discover the riches of millennial civilizations, a great diversity of cultures and a reflection on the interbreeding of the Comorian people. Thus, this rich culture is reflected in the narrow streets of the Medina and its ancient remains. These islands of the Indian Ocean are home to elements of astonishing natural beauty due to its insularity. The rate of endemism of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna (algae) is very high. This is why the Union of the Comoros places ecotourism at the top of their priorities. Deep-sea diving is one of the favorite activities of visitors. It is true that the seabed is home to rainbow coral and rare fish that move in flocks. They swim in a turquoise blue sea. The seabed is also home to the 300 million year old living fossil, the coelacanth. This fish knew the dinosaurs!

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The Comoros : a little corner of paradise