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Tourismer inform you about Indian Ocean actuality

  1. Indian Ocean News
  2. Indian Ocean Ecosystem
  3. Outstanding local initiatives in Indian Ocean
  4. Amazing places in Indian Ocean
  5. Local culture intiatives, local gastronomy

Tourismer  selects local experts who organize responsible travel :

  1. Trips where you take your time to discover, appreciate and marvel at the beauties of nature that we must all preserve,
  2. Trips that promote openness, listening to others, exchanges and cultural dialogues,
  3. Trips to mingle with local life, its craftsmen, its shops and let yourself be immersed in this life elsewhere and, why not, discover a vocation to help.

Focusing on what we can get from a trip and thinking about what we could give in back

  1. You have just travelled, now is the time to help!

  2. Take a look at these remarkable initiatives.

  3. Support aid operations

TOURISMER is Responsible Tourism!

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