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The Maldives Archipelago is reputed to be pure, “azure”, like a haven of peace, a destination from which one returns amazed. This “paradise” has postcard landscapes: lagoons, white sand beaches, superb seabed and multicolored fish.

More prosaically, the archipelago is made up of 1,199 islands, 202 of which are inhabited. The islands are grouped into twenty-six atolls and three isolated islands divided into twenty subdivisions, also called “atolls” and each bearing the name of a letter thâna. 

The underwater fauna of the Maldives is very famous, notably sheltering significant populations of dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays,. The region’s coral reefs are famous for their richness and diversity, making them one of the main drivers of tourism. The Baa Atoll was designated a “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO

Over the centuries, certain islands of the archipelago have specialized in several types of artisanal activities. In the Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, the island of Gadhdhoo, for example, is renowned for its production of “kunaa”, splendid mats decorated with abstract geometric patterns and elegantly dyed in light natural colors, used for furnishings but also during prayers.

The best production of lacquerware is the prerogative of Thuladhoo, in the Baa atoll. Several types of wood are used to make vases, boxes and wood of different shapes and sizes, then painted with several layers of colored lacquer. Once dry, the lacquer is engraved so as to reveal the different layers of colors, giving rise to ornamental and floral patterns. These objects are very beautiful and colorful.

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