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Responsible travel in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the setting of the “Jungle Book”, between culture and tradition. It is a country with many faces, of great landscape and cultural richness, even if it seems small compared to its neighbor, India.

It bears a wide variety of landscapes: from tropical forest and arid plains to mountains and restful sandy beaches, passing through the typical tea plantations of terraced cultivation.

The country also has a marked religious, cultural and linguistic diversity, reflecting the multiple historical influences that mingle today and make it rich.

Are you a fan of natural settings, vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes? A trip to Sri Lanka is the ultimate choice for you! This island in the Indian Ocean, which extends over 65,610 km², is a true jewel of wonders to explore, ranging from the wild coasts of the south to the green peaks of the center, passing through tea plantations, Buddhist temples and national parks. Go on an adventure to visit must-sees such as the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, one of the holiest places in Buddhism, or go hiking in the mountains to discover tea plantations, hidden waterfalls and traditional villages. Observe wildlife on a jeep safari in the beautiful Yala National Park. Sleep in eco-friendly eco-lodges and enjoy the many activities such as hiking, rafting or diving…

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